The Nations of the World


The newfound kingdom of Hyrule consists mostly of humans and Hylians, descendants of the goddess Hylia. It is effectively a theocracy as the goddesss herself, in the mortal form of Queen Zelda, rules the land. Her daughter Princess Aryll is crowned successor to the throne. Consisteing largely of verdant fields and fertile farm-land, Hyrule is an idyllic country that world leaders watch closely and demons vie to destroy. Hyrule is closely allied with Skyloft, the sky city where many of its inhabitants were born, and both countries have Knight Academies that train mounted nights—Skyloft’s knights ride enoumous birds called Loftwings; Hyrule’s knights ride domesticated horses.


East of Hyrule lies the nation of Arcadia, a vast land where races and nations have melded together in the only true cosmopolitian empire. The leader, Duke Glenti Glentius Haloim Pokool—or commonly simply Duke Glentius—has transformed his land into an ideal land for vacationers and retirees. Towering Casinos, Gladitorial Arenas, and Luxury Resorts draw beings from all over to partake in Arcadia’s decadence. Despite the menagerie of people, Glentius himself is reclusive, unmarried, and obsessed with his numerous hobbies.

After the party contronted Duke Glentius, the Duke sacrificed himself to save the people of Arcadia from a temporal anomaly, and his nephew, Prince Facade, became the new ruler.


In the frigid mountains northwest of Hyrule, the harsh hills and snow hide a valley of warmth and plenty. Loskova, capital of Calatia, is home to the Sunstone Tower and over a thousand inhabitants. Tsaritsa Selene is the leader of Calatia. Though her rule has led to great prosperity; the mountains are dotted with enclaves of rebels and bandits who waylay travelers to and from the capital.


A chilly land of monsters and wizards, the peninsula of Gamelon is shrouded in mist. It’s said that even its rulers, King and Queen Onkled, are powerful mages. Its capital is Dodomai, considered by some to be the oldest human city on the planet, and the gravity-defying castle that hovers over the city demonstrates the power of magic in the air. Other than Dodomai and the port city of Sakado, Gamelon is a mystery. The mists that cover most of the peninsula are said to conceal a powerful relic of ages past, though what that relic is is anybody’s guess.


Holodrum is the ancestral home of the earliest humans to walk the Earth, the Tarm. However, the Tarm civilization is on the decline, with many setting sail for distant lands or intermingling with settlers from Calatia and Hyrule. Aside from its towering ruins and seaside hamlets, Holodrum is most famous for its guardian spirit the Maku Tree and the Temple of Seasons, built on the spot where the Prime Meridian and Equator intersect. Inside the temple, the Oracle of Seasons resides, performing his or her duties as the embodiment of the planet’s life cycle.


An empire of the dead, the ghosts of Ikana echo and haunt its mountains to this day. Ikana was a powerful and ancient civilization of giants, constantly at war with the neighboring Garo tribe. While the Garo embraced dark sorcery and ninjitsu, the Ikana wanted to live or die on their own terms and forsook the Creators, warding their power from entering their land. But without the Laws of Nayru—the laws of nature itself—Ikana’s power wore down, until their kingdom was dust.


A small Island Republic in the Great Sea, Koridai boasts the metropolitan commercial center known as the Harlequin Bazaar as well as the impregnable Fortress Centrum, which houses the Koridai Parliament.


The land of Labrynna is home to the island-bound Tokay civilization as well as a human colony known as Lynna. King Valent is the ruler of the land. He is considered a wise and benevolent King by some, while others perceive him to be a pompous idiot, seeing the example of Koridai, wish to democratize. Valent has staunchly refused to give up his throne, though has instituted some reforms. Labrynna is also home to the legendary Oracle of Ages, a mortal embodiment of the Age that has ties to both Nayru and the spirit king known as Father Time.


A small nation just south of Hyrule, Ordona is governed by Duchess Ilia in Albani Castle. The border settlement Ordon Town was recently governed by the demonic being Chancellor Cole, but after his destruction, the residents elected Howard Anderson as their mayor.


A subterranean wasteland of lava and rock, little is know about Subrosia except what has been told by Houndaer the Sorcerer. It’s said to be an unjust kingdom ruled by the God-Queen Lolth, oppressive towards males of the species. When feeling particularly cruel, Lolth is said to force male servants to dance until they collapse from exhaustion. The capital is called Menzoberranzan.

The Dwarven Kingdoms of Kasuto

Kasuto is a rocky savannah that conceals underground tunnels where the Dwarves have long dwelt. Though dwindling, much of the splendor of the ancient Dwarven empire still stands in the form of ruins and monuments. Dwarves, though fearsome in combat, have developed a certain xenophobia about human beings, whose stamina and adaptability rendered the war to conquer human lands in ancient times all but unwinnable. Dwarves prefer the dark chasms they call home, for there they have the advantage.

The Fey Kingdoms of Tolemac

Tolemac, a kingdom torn between the material plane and the Feywild, the Eladrin kingdom is shrouded in mystery and full of primal magics. Legend holds of a powerful Chaos Sword called Rubilac’xe hidden somewhere deep in the heart of Tolemac, a stone embedded in it that can only be removed by a legendary hero known as the Once and Future Queen.

The Nations of the World

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