The Story So Far

The story so far..

War for the Sky

One year ago, Queen Zelda summoned all worthy adventurers to the newly established Hyrule Castle, and chose from among them, with her Goddess intuition, a team of five heroes to be her champions and vanguards. These heroes are Ash Marsello, a human swordmage from a distant world; Khashana, a skilled healer from a place called Koholint Island; Cheren, a Hylian ranger who had been living in Calatia; Houndaer Aunen, a sorcerer from the underground kingdom of Subrosia, and Kavone Folkorri, a minotaur Warden who fights with the strength of a thunderstorm. Zelda explained that they had lost contact with the flying city of Skyloft. With Link missing and the Queen busy dealing with politics and national security, she needed someone to act on her behalf.

They set out at Zelda’s behest to Lon Lon Ranch, which was donating horses to Hyrule Castle for Zelda’s sake. On the way they met an ancient robot known as Howard Anderson, who joined their party. When they reached the ranch, they found it was under attack by Bokoblins. They managed to destroy the enemies and save the ranch from destruction.

They took the gift horses and rode to Veil Mountain, home of Veil Falls and the entrance to the Zora City. After using science to defeat the monstrous Krakalakos, they entered the city and used its portal to warp up to Skyloft. Skyloft, too, they found was under attack, besieged by a sorceress known as Veran. The party defeated her monsters and her loyal henchman Vire. Once Skyloft was safe, they consulted with the Great Fairy Telos. Using a scrying pool, she located the missing Link and his daughter Aryll in the frigid northern mountains. They traveled to a border town called Chill’s Bluff, where they eventually discovered that Link was attacked while pursuing an artifact known as the Fire Rod. The Rod had been discovered by dwarven miners, but before Link could secure it, he and Aryll were frozen in an enormous glacier by the monster Frostare. The Party recovered the Fire Rod, but found it was inoperable, its magic drained. Before they could think of an alternate way of freeing Link and Aryll, they were attacked by a blinded, confused Biggoron. When the party finally defeated him, he collapsed into the glacier, shattering it and freeing its prisoners.

While Aryll and Khashana worked to sooth Biggoron’s injuries, Link moved away, indicating that he’d noticed movement. He relaxed and began walking back towards the party, when out of the snow and fog an enormous chained blade cut him down. The assailant, a giant in radiant armor, leapt down from the hillside, confirming his kill. After easily resisting Ash’s furious attacks, he vanished. Ash identified the man as General Onox, though not what history they might have had.

After Link’s funeral, Zelda sent them to check in on Faron the water dragon. Upon arrival, they discovered a new enemy, the Dark Interlopers. Using dark and corrupting sorcery, the interlopers had kidnapped children from a camp at Lake Floria. The party tracked them down and discovered that the Interlopers were using their magic to alter the children, and had done so to one ten years in the past. Pursuing the Interlopers to Faron’s chamber, the party got there only soon enough to watch them tie her down with lightning chains and cut out her heart. The heart, morphed by a demonic creature, became a hideous fish-monster, Gyorg. When the party defeated Gyorg, they recovered Faron’s heart and prepared a poultice that would preserve it until she could be resurrected.

The party followed after Eldin too, to retrieve a Goron Ruby deep within Death Mountain. But the Fire Dragon was also slain by the strange interloper creature, and transformed into a monstrous warrior called Odolwa. The party defeated him and reclaimed his heart for the resurrection ritual. Their journey then lead them to the Lanayru desert, to the Grooseland Mining Company where timeshift stone lay. They checked on the Lanayru the Thunder Dragon. Before Groose would allow them to have the ore they needed, a band of pirates attacked the facility. Groose made a deal that he’d give them the timeshift ore in exchange for them shutting down the pirate operation.

The party fought their way into the pirate base only to discover that it the pirates had already been driven out. General Onox had captured the facility. He announced to the party that he was not only a god, but an Old God—that he and four peers had been cast down into the elemental chaos by Din, Farore, and Nayru and their existence hidden from the people of the world. He converted the pirate base—an ancient factor that once built robots—into an Iron Knuckle production line, sending them through a portal to a far off place. Ash followed the portal and found himself in a distant future-scape where the world was nearly swallowed by a demon called Majora.

He quickly returned to the present, where he described what he saw.

Upon returning to the mining facility, they discovered another attack—this one by the Dark Interlopers. Their dark magics had allowed them to enter the sleeping Lanayru’s dreams and murder him from within. His twin hearts were transformed into a pair of enormous flying Moldorms called Twinmold. The party destroyed them and recovered Lanayru’s hearts.

Upon learning that even the Thunder Dragon had been slain, Zelda’s half-brother Rauru requested that they retrieve one more thaumaturgic item, a forest emerald from somewhere in southern Faron. This aligned with Zelda’s new task for them: The Interlopers had called a truce in their conflict with Hyrule to deal with General Onox’s attack on their city, Clock Town. The negotiation was to be held in Ordon Town, a border city where the small Ordona province met Hyrule. In the ceasefire talks, it came to light that a man named Chancellor Cole had intentionally mislead Interloper Queen Metia regarding Zelda’s response to an earlier request to use the Triforce on peaceable terms. In the ensuing conflict, Cole destroyed his body to activate an entire swarm of the same creatures that had stolen the Dragons’ hearts—Lokomo Spores.

The spores corrupted wildlife into monsters, and gathered at the spirit spring north of Ordon Town, drinking it’s holy waters and, gorged on their power, transformed into a huge mechanical beast called Goht. The demonic Cole took control of Goht and proclaimed that it was to be a vessel for the incarnation of his master, the Demon King Maladus. The party destroyed Goht, and the faun-god Ordona sacrificed his body to purify the corrupted spirit spring and was reborn as a Light Spirit.

The party, satisfied that a truce had been reached, retrieved the Emerald from an ancient Dwarven tomb. When they emerged, though, they discovered a shocking treachery. The Dark Tribe had returned only the day after the truce, now bringing to bear a powerful techno-sorcerous army of skyships made from the husks of ruined buildings and mecha made from the hulls of vanquished Iron Knuckles. The knights of Skyloft flew cover for the party as they approached, a dome forcefield conjured by Zelda protecting the people.

Rauru confessed then that he was not the half brother of Zelda, but a time traveler from 100 years hence, in which the war against the Interlopers had left Hyrule powerless to stop the forces of Onox, Veran, and Maladus. Vowing to prevent that future, Rauru used the things the party had collected for him to create the Ocarina of Time, and together with Ash, Khashana, and Houndaer, performed the resurrection ritual.

The ritual did not restore the dragons to corporeal form, though. Like Ordona, they were reborn as Light Spirits, whose divine energies destroyed the dark sorcery of the Interlopers. Their army routed, the Interlopers fled to the west.

But before a celebration could be had, Zelda collapsed. Veran, the sorceress of shadows, had hidden herself within Zelda, drinking from her godly power. In truth only a shadow of a spirit, Veran used the last remainder of the soupy resurrection components to form herself a corporeal body—a mortal body that could wield the Triforce.

After dispatching Rauru, Veran summoned her minions and attacked the party. However, having grown strong in the intervening months since their first encounter, the party bested Veran and cut down her new mortal body. Verna’s shadow, though, had absorbed enough of the powers of Hylia—goddess of time—to throw one last curveball. Opening a time rift, Vernan hurled the party into the distant future—and along the way, Ash exchanged places with his fiancee Christine, a lance-wielding Warlord with time manipulation powers of her own. The War for the Sky was over, but the fight against evil had barely begun.

March of the Iron Army

Trapped in the future in the last place they want to be, the party finds themselves lacking Ash and taking in a new recruit, the time-bending Warlord Christine—Ash’s bride to be. With the skyscrapers of the distant future Clock Town towering above them, the party embarked to return to the past and stop the indomitable General Onox.

Using the Ocarina of Time, the party was able to open the last remaining Time Gate in Clock Town and return to the era they left. Unfortunately when they arrived they learned that they had still skipped over nine months—months in which they had been presumed dead after their battle with Veran. With the Interlopers defeated, their remnant had fled to the Arbiter’s Grounds in the desert and petitioned for sanctuary. The party arrived and discovered that the betrayal of the truce they had reached with Queen Metia was not her doing, but rather the role of Zuna, a usurper who had thrown Metia into a maw of Majora and taken the Princess Midna captive to wed him to his horrible son, Gaffe-Ri. The party defeated Zuna; the Arbiter, a being known as True Justice, sentenced Zuna and his followers to banishment, dooming them to wander the desert for the rest of their days. The rest of the Interlopers were banished to a dimension called the Twilight Realm, where they could survive without being a danger to the rest of the world.

Back in Hyrule, Zelda revealed her plan to stop General Onox: because much of Onox’s army is composed of automatons—Armos, Beamos, Iron Knuckles, etc, they could be controlled by an ancient magitech device called a Dominion Rod. Zelda had enlisted Groose to help build one, but for it to work it would require the Royal Seals of all the nations. The party was given the new mission to travel the world and earn the favor of each nation, so that their Royal Seals could be incorporated into the Dominion Rod.


In Arcadia, the regent Duke Glentius refused to give the party his Royal Seal, beliving it to be some sort of power play on the part of Hyrule. He felt his nation’s military was powerful enough to repel any attack by Onox. He told the party he’d consider their proposition if they would play his games; the party agreed in spite of their better judgement. The games, however, quickly got out of hand, Glentius frustrated by repeated losses. He activated a machine powered by time-shift stone, but when the stone was damaged in the fight, it threatened to tear the fabric of time and space. Glentius reversed the polarity, pulling himself and the device into a time warp and saving his country. Glentius demise prompted the reluctant Prince Facade, Glentius’ nephew, to take the throne. He granted the party the royal seal of Arcadia.


After solving a domestic violence case, the party set out through the Long Roads below the plains of Kasuto. The Dwarf King had set out weeks earlier to the site of their ancient capital to take it back and recover the Royal Seal. Unfortunately the King and his men had been captured by a tribe of Bulblins and were going to be fed to the Demon Beast Gooma, an ancient undead cow-monstrosity that resided in the City of Rot. The party freed them and recovered the royal heirlooms—unfortunately they also discovered the carpeted pillars in the throne room were in fact the furry legs of Gooma. Having noticed a preponderance of Bomb Flowers growing in the deep dark places, the party detonated plants, bringing down the caverns on Gooma’s head, burying the capital forever. The party escaped into a hidden chamber below the city, where they met Underdark, the first male monarch of the Dwarves, as well as Santa Claus.

The Zora Empire

Santa explained that he was trying to deliver Christmas presents to the Zora people, but couldn’t because the King’s brother, Zorm, had been charmed by a priestess of Onox and userped the throne from himself—any non-Zora was being attacked on sight. The party helped break through the blockade, and while Santa delivered magic weapons to the Zora people, the party stormed the palace and rescued the King and Queen from assassination.

Old Ikana

Before traveling to the seat of Ikana power, the party confronted The Scientist outside of the ancient village that would eventually become Clock Town. After the battle, the sky spirit Levias appeared and informed Khashana that a new Nightmare was threatening the world of Dreams; a new God of Dreams was urgently needed, and Levias had decided that Khashana could be that deity because she was an aspect of his own dream. Khashana left the party and became the Goddess of Dreams.

In the remains of the palace of Ikana, a revenant appeared to the party in the form of a Stalfos called Imago du Ikana. Imago explained that he had been sent back by the Raven Queen—the deity Khashana payed homage to—as a boon to Khashana for her service. Imago, once a royal guard to Ikana’s king, discovered that his King could not be awakened because the King’s soul was lost in the Abyss. He was, however, able to retrieve the Royal Seal.


The party arrived in Lynna Village to find a fleet of starships from another universe filling the skies. With the help of Skyloft knights led by Pipit and Karane, the party boarded the flagship and destroyed The Emperor. In the process, they rescued a Lynna native named Florina Moores who was ‘training’ to be a great fairy. A powerful invoker of the Goddess Din, Florina joined the party on their travels. Those travels quickly led them to the future, as the magic marbles of Father Time, gifted to the Oracle of Ages, had been stolen by Blind the Thief. After stopping Blind and deceiving the asshole King of Labrynna, the party was awarded with Labrynna’s royal seal and made haste to return to Hryule.

The Story So Far

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