Zuna Klae-Dwas

Usurper King of the Dark Tribe


Zuna and his loyalists usurped the throne of the Interloper’s tribe when Metia called a ceasefire with Hyrule. After sending Metia to prison, Zuna led the Interlopers on a path to mechanization and open war, betraying the ceasefire Metia had agreed to—the very next day, from the perspective of Hyrule. This proved disastrous when Rauru’s plan to reincarnate the Dragons as Light Spirits came to fruition; the Light Spirits destroyed the Interloper army and chased the Interlopers into the desert. There, Zuna made his last stand, begging the Arbiter to hear his cause and destroy Hyrule. The Arbiter refused to hear his pleas, however.

The party arrived and Zuna donned the Fused Shadow helm, transforming himself into a gargantuan beast and summoning undead minions and loyalist fanatics to his side. He was quickly defeated by the party, and while the Arbiter granted the Interlopers a sanctuary, he banished Zuna and his loyalists to wander the desert.


Zuna Klae-Dwas

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