Queen of Hyrule


Age: 45
Race: Hylian
Class: Bard
Level: 24


Zelda was born in Skyloft, her father the head of the Knight Academy. Her mother passed away when she was very young. Zelda and her father took in a young orphan named Link, and she and Link attended the Academy together. When Link’s graduation came up, Zelda was chosen to stand in for the Goddess Hylia in the ceremony. Unknown to her, though, Zelda was in fact the reincarnation of Hylia, the deity that defeated Demise 1000 years ago and sent her followers to live in the sky. Attacked by a demon lord called Ghirahim and plunged into the unknown surface below, Zelda eventually awoke to her true history and aided Link, the chosen hero of the Goddess, in defeating Ghirahim and vanquishing Demise. After Demise’s demise, Zelda wished before the Triforce to live on the surface, and thus the clouds that shielded Skyloft from the surface world parted and A new settlement began on the ground.

Zelda and Link were wed and beings from all across the realm came to settle in the land that had once been Hylia’s domain. As Zelda grew in wisdom and influence, she eventually—though hesitantly—acquiesced to taking the rank and title of Queen of the realm. The realm was Christened ‘Hyrule’: rule by the goddess Hylia.

Link, having little interest in politics, instead founded a ground-based Knight’s Academy where he taught students from all over the world, including his and Zelda’s daughter Aryll. But with the influx of people who would soon call Hyrule their home came an influx of stories—stories of monsters in distant lands, demons and sorcerers tormenting the populace. Link and Aryll took leave of their regal mother and set off to adventure. Six months have passed since they were last heard from, and Zelda fears the worst. Yet pressing new matters have forced her to focus her attention on Hyrule—and too, on the city in the sky she once called home.


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