Sage of Light


The mysterious Rauru is a student of magic and claims to be Zelda’s half brother, a child that Headmaster Gaepora had with a surface woman, his second wife, after the destruction of Demise. While he defers to Zelda on all matters, he has been coordinating the party’s efforts since the death of Link.

Upon the retrieval of all the necessary components for the resurrection of the dragons, Rauru revealed that he and Zelda had deceived the party. He was not actually Zelda’s half brother, but the Sage of Light, a refugee from a bleak future just as the Interlopers themselves were. In his less distant post-apocalypse, the unholy alliance of Veran, Onox, and Malladus had exploited the weakness cased by the War for the Sky and marched into Hyrule, taking it over.

Rauru had traveled back in time not to resurrect the Dragons in body, but reincarnate them as Spirits of Light, capable of fighting the magic of the Dark Tribe.

After the ritual was complete, Veran emerged from hiding within Zelda and swatted Rauru away like an annoying fly. Though Cheren confirmed he was not seriously injured during the ensuing fight, his fate remains uncertain after Veran used her last breath to cast the party through a time vortex.



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