Hero of the Goddess


Age: 45
Race: Hylian
Class: Fighter
Level: 24


Like Zelda, Link was born in Skyloft. He was orphaned when he was very young, so Zelda and her father took him in, and the two of them attended the Academy together. When Link’s graduation came up, Zelda was chosen to stand in for the Goddess Hylia in the ceremony. Unknown to everyone, Zelda was in fact the reincarnation of Hylia, the deity that defeated Demise 1000 years ago and sent her followers to live in the sky. While Link and Zelda were flying around the sky, the two were assaulted and Zelda taken below the clouds.

Link took the tunic and hat of his graduating year—forest green—and pursued Zelda through the surface world with the help of Fi, a sentient computer-spirit who resided in the sword of the Goddess. Link discovered the Triforce and used it to destroy Demise, freeing Hyrule from his tyranny but contracting an eternal curse in the process.

Zelda and Link were wed and beings from all across the realm came to settle in the land that had once been Hylia’s domain. As Zelda grew in wisdom and influence, she eventually—though hesitantly—acquiesced to taking the rank and title of Queen of the realm. The realm was Christened ‘Hyrule’: rule by the goddess Hylia.

Link, having little interest in politics, instead founded a ground-based Knight’s Academy where he taught students from all over the world, including his and Zelda’s daughter Aryll. But with the influx of people who would soon call Hyrule their home came an influx of stories—stories of monsters in distant lands, demons and sorcerers tormenting the populace. Link and Aryll took leave of their regal mother and set off to adventure across the world. They fought monsters and unearthed treasures along the way—and then they vanished.

It wasn’t until months later, when Zelda sent the party on an expedition to the northern mountains of Calatia, that Link was found. Frozen in a great iceberg by the monster Frostare, along side his daughter, Link was freed from the ice only to be struck down by the blade of General Onox moments later, as the party—and his daughter—looked on.


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