King Underdark

Ancient Shadow of Sorrow


King Underdark was the first Dwarf King—the first male to ever sit on the throne at Kasutopolis, inheriting it from his mother the Unyielding Queen. Though he had long since died by the time Kasutopolis fell to the demons of Demise, his eternal slumber was so disturbed by the desecration of the city his ancestors had built that he returned to the mortal coil as a shadowy wraith. In secret, Underdark and undead shades of slain Dwarves grew bomb flowers deep beneath the city, forging an artificial sun to nurture them. If the city could not be retaken, it would be destroyed, and its demons along with it.

Their long plan came to fruition when Dorin Stonestride and the party entered the City of Rot and reclaimed the Royal Seal of Kasuto: a hopeless battle lead to a hasty retreat, but not before setting of a chain reaction of bomb flowers that brought the ruined capital down on the head of the beast who had profaned it.


King Underdark

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