Duke Glentius

The Savant of Sin City


Age: 35
Class: Artificer
Level: 15

The Duke of Arcadia, Glentius spent much of his early life living in the shadow of his older sister, the Queen of Arcadia, and her husband, King Arkad XVII. Ten years ago, they were killed by an Interloper attack in the heart of Arcadia, and their young son Prince Facade was unable to ascend to the throne. In his stead, Glenitus became steward of the throne and led Aracadia to a new age of prosperity and security, with tourism and gambling drawing visitors—and their Rupees—from all over the world. While Glenitus had always been a reclusive man, obsessed with cartography and the supposed existence of “Forest Fairies”, he grew even more obsessed when his wife used a dark ritual to nullify their marriage. He also created for himself an alter ego, a magic fairy-kin called Tingle.

When the party arrived to request the royal seal, Glentius refused unless they would first play his games. It soon became apparent that that Glentius had lost interest in simply winning and was actually trying to kill the party. Despite the party trouncing him in his own games, he continued to push his machinery as hard as it would go until it malfunctioned and nearly destroyed the city. Coming to his senses at the end, Glentius used an inverted Chrono-Shell to collapse the temporal anomaly that he had opened, saving his people but losing his life to the void in the process.


Duke Glentius

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