Princess of Hyrule


Age: 16
Race: Hylian
Class: Swordmage
Level: 16


Born to the Queen and Link, Aryll seems to have inherited all of Link’s courage but none of Zelda’s wisdom. Brash and hot-headed, Aryll has always sought to follow her father’s path and be a great hero. From an early age, Link trained her and eventually took her with him on quests around the world. She has much to learn, but also much to offer.

Six months ago she vanished along with her father. The party discovered that she had been attacked by the monster Frostare and frozen in a massive iceberg, along with Link. The party was able to free them with the help of Biggoron, but soon after they were released, Link was murdered by General Onox.

Aryll now trains in magic with her mother and combat with Pipit, but feels stifled, wishing to contribute to the war—a war which seems to have more and more armies joining by the day.


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