Humans are one of the most common races of the world, created in the likeness of the Old Gods and possessing perhaps the most physical and psychological variety of any created thing. Especially adaptable, humans excel at whatever they set their hearts—and Rupees—towards.

Humans who lived with the goddess and descended from her immortal bloodline bear the long pointed ears and divine essence of Hylia. Hylians are skilled magicians and are said to have invented archery.

Small fortresses on legs, the Dwarven race has developed a culture of combat sports, hard drinking, and fine craftsmanship. Dwarves in the Surface World are increasingly rare since the ancient times of their vast empire. Before Hylia and her allies could make hteir stand against demise, their mountain kingdoms were laid to waste by the Demon King, and the dwarves were forced to resettle in the vast highways between them.

Humanoid creatures with skin dark as the night sky and eyes of sparkling white, Subrosians live in their subterranean kingdom ruled by the evil goddess Lolth.

Enormous rock-eating humanoids, the Gorons are known for their physical might and intense curiosity. Unlike the dwarves, they use little in the way of magic and have no particular love of material wealth. They are, however, excellent miners and among the foremost explosive experts in the world.

Bipedal amphibious fish-men, the Zora are an ellegant and proud race. Their music is unmatched, and they have natural biological weapons such as sharp fins on their arms and an electrical field that they can project to damage adjacent enemies.

Great Fairy
Known among themselves as Eladrin, the Great Fairies are powerful magical beings from the Feywild. Their skill in sorcery is legendary, and the few mortals who have scene their cities have been at a loss to describe their wonder.

Only one minotaur is known to exist in the world: the warden Kavone Folkorri.

A race of unambitious lizard creatures native to Labrynna’s Crescent Island, the Tokay are generally friendly and good matured, though have little respect for private property rights—keep an eye on your stuff when around them, because as far as they’re concerned, finder’s keeper’s. Some have contended that the monstrous Lizalfos were created when Demise saw the Tokay and thought he could make some “improvements”.

Unusual plant-animal hybrids, the Kikwi appear to be some sort of symbiotic relationship between an evolutionary ancestor of the Deku Scrub and a mole or other rodent-like creature. While hard to classify they are kind of cute.

Eternally child-like beings, the Kokiri are forest spirits under the protection of the Great Deku Tree. Each Kokiri has a small guardian fairy that follows him or her, acting as a guide, companion, and encyclopedia.

Mole-men from the fiery Eldin province, the Mogma dig tunnels and seek treasure. Despite their tendency to put themselves and fellow Mogma above other races, the Mogma are extremely generous to those who have helped them out, and never let a debt go unpaid.

Aquatic invertebrates who inhabit Lake Floria, the Parella worshiped the Water Dragon Faron until hear death at the hands of the Dark Tribe. What happens to them now that their protector is gone is anybody’s guess.

What Satyrs are to goats, Anouki are to Caribou. Fey creatures with thick fur coats and reindeer horns, the Anouki are a peaceful people in the frozen north.

Ancient Robot
Mechanical ceramic sentients from the distant past, the Ancient Robots were created by an ancient civilization that worshiped Hylia. While many were built for manual labor, others were built with combat in mind, such as the pirate Scervo, the temple guardian Dreadfuse, or the Ordon Town mayor Howard Anderson.


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