Tag: Knight


  • Link

    Like Zelda, Link was born in Skyloft. He was orphaned when he was very young, so Zelda and her father took him in, and the two of them attended the Academy together. When Link’s graduation came up, Zelda was chosen to stand in for the Goddess Hylia in the …

  • Aryll

    Born to the Queen and Link, Aryll seems to have inherited all of Link's courage but none of Zelda's wisdom. Brash and hot-headed, Aryll has always sought to follow her father's path and be a great hero. From an early age, Link trained her and eventually …

  • Guard Captain Vilja

    Vilja is descended from an ancient line of Dwarves who permanently settled on the surface. Unlike their pale counterparts in the Long Roads, these Dwarves have adapted darker skin and other advantageous traits for survival in the sweltering heat.