Tiffany Horserender

Bling vampire


Though her past is not known beyond her marriage to Brandle Horserender, it is apparent that Tiffany had motives besides love. “Gifting” her husband with a cursed wedding ring, Tiffany drew life from the Dwarf in order to prolong her own. When Brandle abandoned her on the surface in the wake of his success and newfound political clout, she bided her time, Brandle being healthy and far from death’s door.

After several years, however, he abruptly fell ill and was hospitalized. His ring and other sentimental possessions were put into storage and Tiffany, out of contact with the world of the Dwarves, feared that Brandle had died. She hired the party to retrieve the cursed ring before it could be fingered as the cause of death, but the party discovered the ring’s curse and confronted Tiffany about it. After being forced to confess, Tiffany attempted to flee, but the party quickly subdued her and took her with them back to the Long Roads to be tried.


Tiffany Horserender

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