The Party

Zelda's Ruminations on her Chosen


Ash Marsello
A human swordmage from a distant reality, Ash seems to have an uncanny knowledge of the lore and even the future events of this world. While skilled in the ways of arcane swordsmanship, Ash is not a great strategist, hot headed and quick to both needlessly attack and needlessly defend. He also has the astounding ability to make puns out of most any situation, an ability which threatens to have dire repercussions to the future of the Common language if a certain desert politician has her way.

Houndaer Aunen
A sorcerer from the subterranean kingdom called Subrosia, Houndaer strikes one as shifty and paranoid, and it may be true that he is both of those things, though not without good cause. Of noble blood, but male in an oppressive matriarchy, something occurred in his past that has forced him to flee to the surface in spite of his relative privilege, where he believes he is pursued, to this day, by members of a criminal organization. Aside from a certain amount of greed and kleptomania, I believe that Houndaer is a good person at his core. While his magic is powerful, he also seems to be remarkably unlucky, perhaps reflecting the chaos in his heart.

Cheren has a lot to atone for. It’s not difficult to see that she has deep regrets and blood—possibly that of innocents—on her hands. Though of Hylian descent, she lived much of her life in the northern mountains of Calatia, where bandits are almost as influential in the daily lives of its people as the authorities are. A study in contradictions, Cheren looses arrows against enemies with the practiced ease of an assassin but is also quick to defend those she cares about and throw herself into a cause. Lately it seems she’s taken a keen interest in her compatriot Houndaer.

Kavone Folkorri
A creature out of sync with time, Kavone, though young now, is an immortal destined for a higher calling—even death will not be the end of him. The calling from the gods weighs on him like a millstone, rendering him aloof and outright apathetic to much of the triviality of daily life. This sometimes manifests in a disturbing eagerness towards violence, though more often it leaves Kavone in a state of near catatonia, idly watching the lives of others pass him by. I wonder if there is not a way to free him from his destiny, or at least of the burden he feels it places on him. Perhaps the first step is to discovering why he has incarnated now, in a time so distant from his true calling that even I can’t see his end clearly.

The Sky Spirit Levias once helped Link achieve his destiny as the Chosen Hero, but in recent years the ancient wind fish has seemed lethargic. His imagination is so powerful that entire worlds, subcreations, appear in his dreams, and somehow, one of those subcreations has become flesh. Khashana, both mature and young, wise and foolish, has a powerful spirit but lacks a soul of her own. Nevertheless, despite having but this life to live, she has dedicated it to healing and helping others, her powers coming from the Raven Queen, goddess of the dead and requiring her never to shed blood—innocent or otherwise. She is an excellent diplomat and strategist, and her level head is a balancing force against Ash’s martyr complex.

Christine Brynn
Beaks Grizzly tells me of a sport played in Sigil called Baseball—from which is derived a metaphor about a ball that curves away from its target. This “Curve ball” is personified in Christine Brynn. A battlefield tactician whose power to alter the flow of time makes her uniquely suited to dealing with enemies one step ahead of us at every turn, Brynn’s sudden appearance and the consequent removal of Ash has deeply affected the party’s dynamic. Though Kavone is more than able to bear the brunt of the enemy force once taken by Ash, Brynn’s abilities and personality have left Cheren and Khashana on uncertain footing. Though the five are quickly relearning how to fight as one, I fear that once our enemies learn that the “Godslayer” is no longer present, they’ll be emboldened. Even if Brynn is every bit Ash’s equal, perception is a powerful force in war.

Imago du Ikana
A revenant of the dead realm of Ikana, Imago is difficult to read. His skeletal face betrays no emotion, and though he works with the heroes I hand-picked for this—hopefully the Wisdom of Nayru guiding me—his contempt for the Old Gods is not lost on me. He is a man of his time and place, no doubt, but ripped from his time and place. The Raven Queen brought him back from her realm because Khashana, her Cleric, was called to another service. I suspect the reasons for this are less altruistic than she’d let on, but her help is appreciated whatever the cause.

Florina Moores
A peculiar new addition to the team, one I was not informed about until she, with the returned Ash as well, came bounding up to the doorstep of Hyrule Castle. Moores is an exuberant young lady under the peculiar delusion that she can become a fairy, as though it is something that can be taught and learned. At the very least she has proven herself quite capable in combat, invoking the power of Din to rather… violent effect. She has as much at stake as anyone in this war—I’m told Onox threatened to raze her home town were Ash’s whereabouts not disclosed. (Fortunately for her and the inhabitants of Lynna Village, Ash chose to reveal himself in quite the spectacular manner, I’m told, at just the right time.)


The Party

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