The Oracle of Ages


The Oracle of Ages is a chosen conduit for the legacy of Father Time, governing the division of time into Ages and the continuity of the time stream. Sensetive to alterations in history and having the power to open time portals to other eras, the Oracle of Ages has on more than one occasion been the target of nefarious enemies.

The current Oracle is Nayrun, a longsuffering attendant to the haughty King Valent of Labrynna. It was her idea to planet a Maku sappling in Labrynna so that it would have a Guardian spirit like the elder Maku Tree of Holodrum or the Deku Tree of the Lost Woods.

In the distant future, the Oracle of Ages is secretly Nayru, a teenager and close friend of the swordsman Ralph. Ralph, a descendant of the now-defunct Labrynna monarchy, is Nayru’s confidant and bodyguard.


The Oracle of Ages

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