Sheriff Ryn

The Executive Branch


The sheriff of Clock Town’s alpha quadrant, Ryn has a reputation of being a loose cannon cop who doesn’t play by the rules. Though she can apparently hold down even Telma’s stale booze, she has little patience for criminals and would just as soon lock troublemakers up without a trial. While she carries an old sword on her back, she prefers the six-shooter she keeps in her leg holster.

During the brawl to protect the Time Gate while the refugees filed through it, Ryn ran out of ammo and drew the sword on her back—a white steel blade that had the power to repel evil. Before the party used the Gate, she informed them that she couldn’t go with them: Ryn—short for Rynku, a corruption of Link, was her own era’s incarnation of the Hero of Legend. For her to go back in time would risk threatening the reincarnation cycle. She elected to stay behind, and instead asking Rasputin to teleport her as close as he could to Majora’s dark heart, where she’d either save the world—or give her life for it.


Sheriff Ryn

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