Jeffery "Beaks" Grizzly

Owlbear at Law


A hulking Owlbear raised in Sigil, Beaks studied law and civil government at Lady of Pain University. At some point, he defended the evil god Xaxargas, lord of horror, of a jaywalking charge. Beaks, a brilliant legal mind, got him off on a technicality: as Xaxargas has no legs, he could obviously not have been jaywalking.

It is currently unknown how he ended up in Clock Town, but now he serves as the only lawyer left in the alpha quadrant and spends his long downtime between cases running a small market for the few adventurers that still occasionally roam Clock Town, listless and homeless.

Beaks has a bit of an antagonist relationship with Sheriff Ryn, believing that if they can no longer provide citizens with their day in court, then they’re little better than the planet eating abomination beneath their great city. His greatest ambition is to travel back in time and put Majora behind bars before it becomes the apocalyptic monster he’s so familiar with.


Jeffery "Beaks" Grizzly

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