Jacklyn Moriarty

A really awful detective


Moriarty is a self-taught detective that probably shouldn’t have learned her skills from Groose—she’s frankly terrible at it and often jumps to conclusions or rules out suspects based on faulty logic. The party first encountered her in Chill’s Bluff where she mistook a magic explosion for a propane gas fire and almost let a murder pass as an accident.

The party thought they’d seen the last of her, until an assignment brought them to the estate of Goichi Kakariko where a Mogma named Jeff lay murdered and Goichi Kakariko stood falsely accused. The party determined that the true murderer the farm’s forge operator Tsorin Silverbeard. After washing her crow down with some Lon Lon Milk, Moriarty declared that Ash Marcello was a ‘worthy rival’ and that he reminded her of her former rival Sherlie Holmes.


Jacklyn Moriarty

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