Howard Anderson

Robot Mayor of Ordon


A Warforged model Ancient Robot, Howard fell into disrepair over 1000 years ago and was awakened in the thirty-sixth century by a surge of timeshift energy near his location. After staggering and sputtering for miles, he was found and repaired by a kindly old mechanic, who named him Howard as a contraction of ‘How weird!’, the first word out of the mechanic’s mouth upon seeing the staggering robot. Howard briefly joined the adventuring party before their first mission at Lon Lon Ranch, but soon found that adventuring life did not suit him. He stayed on Skyloft and became a Sunday School Teacher at the Goddess’ Temple.

Later, he served as a proxy for Zelda in the ceasefire talks with the Interlopers, serving as a holographic transmitter that allowed Zelda to communicate with the Interlopers without putting herself at risk. Once the ceasefire was achieved, and the subsequent Goht crisis averted, Howard was elected mayor of Ordon Town in order to replace the deceased Cole.


Howard Anderson

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