Founder of Grooseland


Age: 46
Race: Hylian
Class: Artificer
Level: 19

Groose, once a would-be suitor of Zelda and persistent bully of Link when they were teenagers, grew up over the course of the crisis in which Ghirahim tried to raise Demise. Discovering a knack for inventions, Groose developed the GROOSENATOR, a catapult mounted on a railed platform, which was instrumental in Link’s fight against Demise.

Later in life, Groose founded a new country of his own—‘Grooseland’—in the province of Nayru, where he used his technical skill to repair the Mining Facility and give new life to the race of Ancient Robots. He also took for himself a wife, but after unknown disagreements, this wife, the Goddess of Sand, left Groose and their hundred children. A peculiar quirk that Groose seems unconcerned by: each of these children is female and shares her father’s bright red hair.



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