General Onox

Dragon of the Abyss


Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Level: Unknown

General Onox is a towering armored man who seems to command a vast army of demons. The party first encountered his forces before they knew of Onox, when his Bokoblins attacked Lon Lon Ranch to capture or kill the strange new creatures they’d begun taming: horses.

Later, Onox did the unthinkable: he murdered Link just moments after the party had freed him from the iceberg he’d been frozen in for months. As Ash and the party swore revenge, they found themselves out of Onox’s league, though he seemed unwilling to fight them head on despite his immense power.

On their second encounter, Onox told Ash that he was an Old God—one of five that the Golden Goddesses had kept secret from the peoples of the Earth.


General Onox

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