Facade Haloim, Prince of Arcadia

White Knight--and obsessed with keeping it that way


Age: 23

Class: Knight

Level: ???

The young, spoiled prince of the kingdom of Arcadia, Facade’s parents died when he was too young to ascend to the throne. In the interim, his uncle Duke Glentius acted as steward. While Glenitus’ obsessive genius made Arcadia even richer and more powerul than before, the Duke ignored Facade and Facade his uncle. The prince grew used to a pampered life of privilege without responsibility, and made no efforts to claim the throne that was rightfully his. In addition to being something of a celebrity, he also defended the weak and peaceful—unless of course there was a good chance of getting a stain on his flowing white cape.

Recently, Duke Glentius’ obsession finally got the better of him, and using a time-shift stone-powered game machine, he accidentally tore open a hole in reality. The Duke sacrificed himself to stop the tear from destroying the capital of Arcadia, and in absence of the steward, Prince Facade was left with no choice but to ascend to the throne. Facade gave the party the Royal Seal of Arcadia and agreed to lend Arcadia’s military might to the war effort.


Facade Haloim, Prince of Arcadia

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