Dorin Stonestride

King of the Dwarves


Stonestride was born with delusions of grandeur and the certainty he was destined for great things. Turns out he was right, though it would have been nice if he’d worked a bitter harder, learned a bit more, and grew a bit wiser before he led a failed expedition to Kasutopolis that got five of his soldiers killed. Luckily, the party aided him in his quest, rescued most of his soldiers, and were able to retrieve the Royal Seal from the throne room.

While brash and headstrong, Stonestride proved to be a capable fighter and compassionate leader, dedicated to the rescue of his soldiers. Perhaps his reign—if it comes together right—will lead to change in the Dwarven society, a thaw in the grip of the matriarchy. Or perhaps not. Time will tell.


Dorin Stonestride

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