Cheren's Old Gang

Bros Among Snows


When these people knew her, she was called Laelia, not Cheren

Legann. – The leader of the bunch, Cheren knew him well. He was the only one who knows that Cheren killed The Old Man and helped her escape to Hyrule in the confusion that followed. Legann has ranger training like Cheren but prefers swords to archery. Currently in the custody of Calatian guards.

Connor – A newer member who seems to display aptitude for multiple fighting styles yet is a master of none.

Charles. – Something of an abrasive jerk but also an extremely gifted tactician. Fights with the psionic power of a monk using a practice katana as his Ki Focus.

Leor’n – A cheerful Zora bard whose positive outlook conceals a cynical edge sharpened by life’s many hardships. He lost his ability to remain underwater to green gill disease. His lute can transform into bone war-ax if he needs to do some cleaving.

Russo. – Fullname_ Gorusologu_, Russo is a Goron barbarian, proud and ambitious. A Demolitions expert, Russo turned to banditry when his formula for high-yield explosives was ripped off by a Robot-lead rail company looking to connect Hyrule and Calatia with their so called “Spirit Tracks”.

Nadia. A fellow ‘outlaw’ that could apparently punch a hole in a Dodongo’s hide, she was less criminal and more ‘recruit’, joining Legann’s band because of their status as one of the few who could effectively take down monsters and other foul things stirred up by Onox’s war. Unfortunately in the chaos of the raid that captured Legann, she and Connor stumbled into an Iron Knuckle patrol. They got separated while escaping and Connor saw Nadia being stuffed inside an Iron Knuckle’s chest.


Cheren's Old Gang

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