Chancellor Cole

Demon Former Mayor of Ordon Town


Five years ago, Cole was sent to Hyrule from the Interloper’s home of Clock Town and asked to speak with Zelda on the Dark Tribe’s behalf. Metia sought the use of the Triforce in order to wish for the destruction of the great evil, Majora, that threatened them. However, the dangerous forces of the time vortex proved too much, and Cole arrived in Hyrule dead.

His body, a convenient empty vessel with connections to a great army, was refilled: the evil god Malladus poured his power into the empty Cole, resurrecting him as a servant of darkness. Cole lied to Metia about Zelda’s response, then set himself up as the Mayor of Ordon Town, a small town on the boarder of Hyrule and Ordona. While his tenure as a mayor has been unremarkable, he exudes a palpable sense of evil to the point that he actually has the words “NOT EVIL” printed below his name on his business card.

Unfortunately, this card lies. He is in fact, abjectly and totally evil. As mayor, he has developed through dark alchemy a virus that transforms livestock into living bombs. The purpose of this experiment is unknown and what he hopes to gain from his twisted schemes is anybody’s guess. Once the dark truth about Chancellor Cole was revealed, Cole cast a spell that immolated his body, releasing a swarm of Lokomo Spores. Those spores gorged themselves on the spoils of the Ordon Woods and combined into a huge mechanical beast, intended to be a vessel for the full power of Malladus.

The party was able to destroy this beast, however, sending the evil Cole back to the abyss.


Chancellor Cole

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