Brandle Horserender

Ripped a horse in two once


A Dwarven businessman who has used his considerable acumen to succeed in a matriarchal society, Brandle Horserender spent his early life fighting wars against Arcadian aggressors, and once grabbed a charging commander’s horse with his mecha and ripped the beast in half, earning him his surname. Though his first wife passed on and his kids left home to start their own lives, Brandle courted controversy when he married a human woman and settled on the surface.. His wife Tiffany, unbeknownst to Brandle, used a cursed wedding ring to drain life from the long-lived Dwarf, extending her own. For most of their marriage, Brandle felt little ill effect from the cursed ring, but as he grew in wealth and influence, including helping organize a campaign for the current Dwarf King, he moved back to the Long Roads of his ancestors. Eventually, as he approached his 150th birthday, his health failed and the ring weakened him even more; after collapsing in his home, he was hospitalized, and despite a lengthy stay and large medical bill that required his butler to sell many of his possessions, he got no better—nor significantly worse. While Brandle was hospitalized, he did not wear the wedding band and Tiffany feared that he had died. When the party came to the frontier outpost where she lived, she offered them a reward to retrieve the wedding ring before it could be fingered as the cause of death.


Brandle Horserender

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