Aunen Family


Thought to have been killed the same night as his parents and sisters, Hound recently learned that some of his family still lives.

Niala Aunen, Hound’s cousin, age 71, is a rebel crusading against government of Lolth. She is part of a resistance group called the Hounds of Menzoberranzan.

Erzandra Aunen, Niala’s mother, age 182. A powerful noble whose well-connected status protected her from the mafia attack that killed her brother, sister-in-law, and nieces. She believed Hound was also dead. While she secretly advocates for an end to the oppression of men, she believes Niala’s rebellion against Lolth is a fool’s crusade that will get her killed.

Baelfire Aunen, Niala’s father, age 165. While he privately shares an egalitarian relationship with his wife despite the misandry of Subrosian society, he plays the part of dutiful husband.


Aunen Family

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