The Legend of Zelda: March of the Iron Army

We're Lost

Clock Town
7:38 PM
Date Unknown
So there’s good news and bad news. I don’t know why I’m trying to soften the blow for an adventure log, but here I am, doing it. We won: we resurrected the Dragons, in new forms, Light Spirits whose innate power overwhelms the dark sorceries of the Interlopers. Of course there’s all kinds of questions: why did Metia betray the truce? Or did she? The fleet the Interlopers brought to bear must have taken years to build. Their forces couldn’t have rallied so quickly. Is it possible that decades, centuries even, went by in their timeline?
Regardless, we can’t find those answers now. Once the Dragons took the fight to the Interlopers, something else happened. Veran, the sorceress whose attack on Skyloft was the genesis of our party’s coming together? We found her. Sort of. She had overshadowed Zelda with her power, hiding in plain sight without anyone’s knowledge. After the ritual was finished, she discarded Zelda’s body and moved into the sludge left over from the ritual pool, using whatever residual magic remained in it to create for herself a new body.

We fought that body, and Ash killed it. But then, something happened. Veran used her last gasp of breath—and powers she’d learned or absorbed while hiding inside the Goddess of Time—to fling us through the ages. We’ve found ourselves in Clock Town, the flying city and the home of the Interlopers—though no Interlopers seem left here.

But then, there’s something else. Ash is gone.
A human woman named Christine—apparently one who knows Ash, from Ash’s own world, appeared in the time stream to ‘rescue’ Ash. And though Ash told her he couldn’t leave yet, the woman insisted, reached out to grab him—and then a fluctuation in the time vortex caused them to switch places—Ash went back to his own world; Christine tumbled through time with us.
She flagrantly disregarded Ash’s wishes, his commitment to see his quest through. And while I can understand her desire to retrieve her lost comrade, I can’t but help question how much she really cares for him if she can’t respect his wishes, his mission.
But then, were I in her stylish-yet-affordable shoes… might I have made the same decision?



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