The Legend of Zelda: March of the Iron Army

The Warbands of General Onox

General Onox has allied himself with four warbands of forces from parallel realities. These mysterious forces are headed by captains known only by titles.

The Emperor, undead lord of cyborg fanatics.

The Reaper, commander of techno-organic lifeforms.

The Scientist, murderous researcher with an ever-changing lab.

The Agent, merciless anti-human radical constructed of light particles.

These missions do not award XP. They can be confronted at any level during paragon tier, at any time when the party is not already involved in a mission. Victory will carry both substantial loot rewards as well as one unique item for every warlord dispatched. Additionally that warlord and its forces will be removed from Onox’s service.

The first two warlords will be Level 15 adventures, the third level 17, and the fourth level 19. The party may choose one ally or allied faction to lend support during these missions. These choices include:

Skyloft Knights
Hyrule Knights
Labrynna Soldiers
Grooseland Security Forces
Calatian Soldiers
Arcadian Soldiers
Dwarven Soldiers of Kasuto
Chill the Yeti
Legann and the Bandits
Veil Falls Zora (Warrior Bards)
Imperial Zora (King Zorin or Queen Mela, plus royal guards)

Alternatively, the party may call in three individual allies from the following list.

Princess Aryll
Jacklyn Moriarty
Harry Dresden
Black Adder
Angela Beika
Brandle Horserender
Tsarevna Alena
Howard Anderson
Kavone Folkorri



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