The Legend of Zelda: March of the Iron Army

The Dwarven Tablet

Dated -106 RH (One Hundred and Six Years before the Reign of the Goddess Hylia)*

This fortress is our tomb now. The Dwarven Empire, beginning under Empreror Tyrus VI, expanded to the forbidden west past the ancient and agreed upon boundary lines. Rather than risking war with the Ikana Kingdom, we dwarves sent an expedition by ship across the Great Sea of the Golden Goddesses. But this land, in all its splendor, is savage. Great animals defend this territory, and a new Tribe unseen in the Eastern Lands has sprung up here. They call themselves humans, and they’re by far the most frightening creatures I’ve seen. The sardonic caprice of the Great Fairies, the gormlessly strong Gorons? They have their strengths and weaknesses. Humans, though, have The Gods.

I, Matriarch Paragon Bostrian, along with my husbands Eragon and Deegan, and my son by Eragon, the warrior Julian Goron-Sword, are the last remaining Dwarves in this new world. Between humans, the demons of Demise, and infighting, our greed has driven this expedition to the brink of extinction. Our ships were dragged beneath the waves by an Octorok the size of a whale. What little we have left, we leave to you, son or daughter of the future, who finds our tomb and solves our puzzles.
Listed below is an inventory of this campaign’s spoils, for all the good they’ve done us.

May you use the wealth we died for more wisely than we might have.

*transcriber’s note: obviously the ancient dwarf who wrote this did not use our dating system, but the ritual I used to read this text apparently translated the date into a form I could understand.



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