The Legend of Zelda: March of the Iron Army

Quest Log Seven

Back To the Past

Active Quests

Usurper King Zuna – An Interloper known as Zuna, along with his family, has deposed Queen Metia as head of the Dark Tribe. It was his plan to build a mechanized army and then send them back to Hyrule the very day after the ceasefire in order to catch Hyrule off guard. He didn’t count on Rauru’s gambit to reincarnate the Dragons as light spirits, though, and his army paid the price. We need to investigate his whereabouts and find what happened to Midna, the true heir to the throne.

When Are We? – We’ve returned to Hyrule, but we’re not sure how long we’ve been gone. We may have even returned before we even left, a turn of events that would complicate things.

Link’s Murderer – A mysterious armored man that Ash claims is known as General Onox is the one who murdered Link. When confronted in the Pirate Base, Onox claimed to be an Old God—one of five that Din, Nayru, and Farore have kept secret from the peoples of Earth. While ignoring our attacks, he taunted us and claimed that we’d have to be much more powerful to challenge one such as him.

The Fire Rod – Ash was able to retrieve the Fire Rod’s magical energy from Vire, restoring its power. However, what significance Link believed it to have to have seems to have died with him. We may need to investigate this further once we return to Hyrule.

Crouching Inventor – Groose is still estranged from his mysterious wife. Her home is said to be a sacred mountain at the north end of the Sand Sea. Now that our Loftwings have their armor, we can travel there.

Completed Quests

Clock Town Refugees – We managed to get the refugees through the Time Gate without any fatalities. However, the Sheriff elected to stay behind and take Majora down—or die trying.
Escape from Clock Town – We made it through the time gate and are back in Hyrule—though it’s unclear when.
Sweet Music – The composer of the ritual music to active the Time Gate is dead—Kavone killed him after he had taken the form of a dancing demon after being corrupted by Majora. He managed to hide his composition, the Song of Future, and somehow keep its location a secret even from the creature that had consumed him.
Splintered Cell – We found Sheriff Ryn’s squadron of wooden police-men—and killed them. They had fallen under the domination of an agent of Majora, a demon called Sweet.
The Vile Veran and Villainous Vire – Veran and Vire are dead—for now at least. Veran had been hiding inside Zelda the whole time, it seems, and used the ressurection ritual of the dragons to create herself a new body. Ash and Cheren made sure that body didn’t last long and Kavone, gods bless him, kept us all alive.
The Forest Emerald – We retrieved the Emerald from a Great Fairy named Pathos and returned it to Skyloft. The Dragons are reborn, though Rauru himself was not what he seemed.
Chancellor Cole, Not Evil – The clearly evil mayor of Ordon Town was revealed to be a demonic entity in the service of the Demon King, Malladus, as well as a double agent for Queen Metia. The human noble Metia sent to Hyrule to request help from Zelda was killed by the harsh forces of the time gate, unbeknownst to the Queen, his deception having given Metia the justification to invade Hyrule. Khashana was able to resurrect the real Cole, who returned to Clock Town to mourn his daughter.
The Siege of Clock Town – General Onox’s attack on the home of the Interlopers has left them spread thin. Their leader, Queen Metia, has agreed to a ceasefire while her Tribe repels Onox’s forces from Clock Town.
Hammer Time – Ash returned the ancient flower to the Bazaar and the blacksmith repaired the Megaton Hammer.
Slumbering Dragon – Lanayru is dead, killed in the same way as Faron and Eldin. This time the attack came through Lanayru’s dreams, a man with a burn-scarred face leading the Interlopers into Lanayru’s peaceful slumber.
Secure Timeshift Ore – Groose gave us the timeshift ore as promised and we returned it to Rauru in Skyloft
Interlopers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will be Shot Again – Investigate the attacks of the Dark Interlopers.
Absolution – You convinced Jeryn, the Oracle of Secrets, to forgive herself for getting her rescuers killed. She sent them to the Afterlife and Ash learned the Song of Healing.
The Greatest Bow – Cheren recovered the Everdeen Greatbow, supposedly the most powerful bow on the Prime Material Plane.
The Naked Man – Shigeru Kakariko’s identity and face were restored to him.
Immortal – Balian Rasputin’s immortality no longer applies if a servant of Hylia kills him. First he wants to seek redemption.
The Eldin Ruby – You recovered the ruby forged in the heart of Death Mountain, but did not prevent the Interloper Creature from stealing Eldin’s heart.
Waterfall – While you were able to rescue the Lake Floria campers from Jason Voorhees, he delayed you long enough for the Interlopers to reach Faron and kill her.



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