The Legend of Zelda: March of the Iron Army

Ordon Town - First Day of Negotiatons

3-16-3531 RH

We arrived in Ordon Town this evening a few hours before sunset. The delegation was already there—a total of nine Interloper soldiers and their Queen, a gray-skinned woman by the name of Metia. Metia was accompanied by a small child, her daughter Midna. This name seemed to alert Ash for some reason, likely related to his spotty and inconsistent knowledge of the future. We have learned a few things.

The Interlopers hail from another place—or perhaps another time, based on some the phrasings Metia used. Their entire planet has been all but consumed by an ‘incomprehensible’ evil which they call Majora, and their last refuge is the floating city Ash saw during his visit. Onox has attacked their city for reasons unknown.

Five years ago, Metia sent an agent to request Zelda’s assistance in the form of the Triforce, and Zelda allegedly refused. However this is complicated by things we later learned.

In another case of Ash’s bizarrely specific knoweldge of Hyrule’s future, he mentioned a weapon called the ‘Fused Shadow’ that the Interlopers were supposedly building. The Queen’s reaction was shock and anger, threatening Ash with her magic staff. We were able to diffuse the situation, but Ash’s casual use of his knowledge has set Metia on edge and has her searching her ranks for a traitor.

After Metia retired to her accommodations—in the private Villa of the Mayor, in fact—we did some other investigating. A human woman who goes by the code name Black Adder, who we met before at Camp Floria, informed Ash with somewhat alarming casualness that she had been hired to kill the mayor, whose name is Cole and bears the title Chancellor, though Chancellor of what is anybody’s guess. The reason given was because he was believed to be evil.

We quickly confirmed this suspicion. Not only is he evil, he is a demonic entity whose entire life and existence seem to be projected from a god I don’t know of. This is alarming in particular, because it seems Cole himself was the agent sent to request the Triforce from Zelda.

Hound raided his house and recovered an ancient ratty journal of Cole’s, which mostly detailed banal day to day mayoral tasks, yet also contained a secret taped-together section that included both a ritual for turning livestock into bombs, and a list which I will reproduce here:

1. Lie to Metia about Zelda’s response
2. Become Mayor of Ordon Town
3. Develop method for converting livestock into bombs
4. ?
5. Profit!

While clearly the work of a diabolical heart, I’m not seeing much of a mind here. Cheren discovered viral agents in an alchemy lab below Cole’s office, while Ash distracted him in a conversation that can best be described as a confession in the third person. As soon as Cheren confirmed that he was in fact responsible for the virus, Ash and Black Adder subdued him. He is currently locked away in a dimensional prison, but the efforts of the day have left us all exhausted, and we hope to get some rest soon.



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