The Legend of Zelda: March of the Iron Army

Dream Mechanics


While you are in a dream, some things work differently than in real life. Until the end of the dream, you gain new abilities.

Dream Step

As part of a move action, you can fly your speed. You do not have hover for the purposes of this movement. You may also spend a Dream Point (see below) to move via Dream Logic, such as running across a platform that only appears to exist through forced perspective, or using your own slingshot to fire yourself across a divide.


Like Aspects in FATE, these are short words, phrases, or nicknames that describe your character. They do not grant you any new powers, but rather allow you to gain bonuses on things that the Aspects relate to. Groose might have the Aspect “Inventor of the Groosenator” , which would allow him to gain bonuses or rerolls on checks relating to building, fixing, or operating machinery, or the ability to reroll a missed shot with a catapult.

Everyone will create one aspect and assign it to their character. This may be a positive thing or a negative thing, or simply a neutral thing, as long as it can be used to put a twist on the combat. If you cannot think of an Aspect, speak to me and I’ll help you design one.

Dream Points

For the duration of the dream, Action Points are replaced by Dream Points. Every character has Dream Points equal to 2, plus their INT, WIS, or CHA modifier (whichever is highest).

Dream Points can be used the same way as Action Points (which also triggers any special action point abilities from feats and class features), but they can also be used in other ways:

-Invoke an Aspect and spend a Dream Point to gain a +2 Bonus on any role related to the Aspect
-Invoke an Aspect and spend a Dream Point to reroll a negative dice result.
-Invoke an Aspect and spend a Dream Point to accomplish an Effect. (Groose might use his Aspect ‘Married to a Vindictive Goddess’) to turn away unwanted attention from a seductress)
-Spend a Dream Point without invoking an Aspect to gain a +1 bonus on something.

The Dungeon Master can also Compel your Aspects, in which case you must take the prescribed penalty and gain a Dream Point, or spend a Dream Point to avoid the penalty. And remember, your enemies have Aspects too. Freddy Krueger is weak against fire!

Terrain Aspects

The Dreamscape also has Aspects of its own, which players may Invoke to cause an effect or gain a bonus. For example, a pile of hay has the aspect Extremely Flammable. A Player may Invoke this Aspect to easily light the hay on fire, or the Dungeon Master might Compel this Aspect so that an enemy’s missed attack strikes a spark, causing the hay your sniper is hiding under to burst into flames.



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